dinsdag 5 september 2017

Gotham season 1

Yes, I`m slowly catching up on series I still need to watch... very slowly.

Gotham, with the abundance of superhero based shows around, is a bit of an outsider as the "hero" is a regular policeman, namely Jim Gordon.

Yes, this is an origin story of Batman (or, if fan theories are to be believed, Owlman) where Bruce is still a teenager, and it explores the friendship between the caped crusader and the old commissioner.

What the show in this first season is though, is a maffia story, in which The Penguin plays a crucial role as misunderstood, ambitious snitch that is working his way upward in the Gotham crime scene.  In order to do this, he works two (well, actually three) families against each other by the use of guile and deception. 
Other villains that are slowly being introduced are the Riddler, who is a CSI for the Gotham police department, and the origins of the Scarecrow are featured rather heavily as well.

And then there is Selina Kyle, as a youthy crush for Master Wayne.  A young Wayne heir, who as in every movie and series is supported by a fantastic rendition of Alfred, who in this continueity is an ex SAS soldier with a rather clouded past.

It was a fun season to watch, and I really liked the Cobblepot character.  So in a television scene filled with "flashy" shows from the CS, this is a darker and grittier series to give a welcome change of storytelling.

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