woensdag 27 september 2017

Dux Britanniarum / SAGA Odds and Ends

Apart from the 6mil earlier, today some more models had their varnish dried, and it are some odds and ends for my Dark Ages forces.

As I`m slowly completing my first box of the Gripping Beast plastic dark age warriors, I had 12 models left on sprue after completing the models for my Dux army.

So I decided to firstly expand both a hand weapon and shield, as well as a spear and shield, unit from 6 to 8 models.  This "covers all bases" in case of getting additional warriors in Dux, as well as make them a full point of SAGA each as they will bolster my ranks of Irish as Bonnachts, the basic 8 man warrior unit of the force.

Now, the other thingie I painted are "crow counters" for Dux.  One of the mistakes I made the past game, was mixing up my 2 Nobles (my Lord is based bigger, being from the SAGA starter).  Now in future games, I can solve this by either putting a piece of paper next to them, or a dice or something, but neither was visually appealing to me.

I did however have about a dozen 28mm crows still lying around from years ago, back then purchased to serve as scenery pieces and the likes.  Instead, I opted to make them into counters numbering 1 to 4 (the amount of birds on a base), to put next to the Nobles in their units.  This makes it a bit better looking, and I opted for additional markers in case of Mercenaries etc joining my forces during the campaign...

Now the only thing left to do for the first box is the final 8 models, who will all become slinger armed Kerns to make up another point of SAGA...

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