woensdag 6 september 2017

Emperor's Children Sorcerer

Perhaps the most "must have" figure in my army lists, I finished painting a Sorcerer for my Emperor's Children force.

Now, the reason he is a mandatory choice, is for the movement spell of the forces, though in the future he`ll probably be replaced by the "deep strike" variant to go in together with the Warp Talons.

I used the 30k Ahriman because I love the model far more then the "spikey dudes" of the current range, so if anyone points out that it's a Tzeentchian model, I`ll tell them the old librarian exchanged his dusty tomes for a subscription to Play Daemonette 

I painted him a mix of pinks and purples to a black power armour backdrop, like the post heresy scheme, rounding it out with a light blue cloak for added "drama" and contrast.

And the Ultramarine corps... yeah well, nothing personal, but I thought it in character considering the Fulgrum / Roboute feud of the 40k storyline.

Now, on to more units as the three HQ choices I like to play around with for the moment are all done.

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