vrijdag 15 september 2017

The Haul report 99

Just like the painting desk weekly piece, this one gets moved a few days forward due to time management issues.

And as I doubt I`ll get some additional stuff anyways over the weekend, I can put it all up here right now.

The first thing I got was (at last) the 40k rulebook, which I received from Nemesis.  He has bought a huge Death Guard collection (really, how many diseases can a man stand) and an additional copy of the rulebook was included, so I "liberated" it from him.  The Eternal trooper also comes from the lot (it had a heap of magazines), and if I order one of the small 3 figure boxes, I have the required 5 to stuff them in with my Order armies.

An order that arrived monday has been painted up almost completely in the meantime.  From Wayland Games came a Kromlech Rapier (already painted), and a box of Dark Age warriors for the Dux campaign, with already over half painted and a heap standing ready for the coming week to get painted.  That one went swiftly XD.

The final aquirement was through eBay, in the form of a Cawdor heavy stubber.  Apart from always having been a fan of that house in the venerable Necromunda game, I had the other Heavy in my collection here somewhere, the Grenade Launcher.  But the Cawdor models go excellently with the plastic Cultists, so this was a great model for the bands heavy gun when I paint it up to 20 models.

And that`s it for this week, a nice stack of varied goodies!

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