vrijdag 29 september 2017

On the Painting Desk 14

A day earlier as I won`t be at home tomorrow, this week's oversight of the mess that is my painting desk has been taped again.

Now, I didn`t do AT ALL what I planned to do, being diverted to a heap of additional historical reinforcements, but I hope in the coming week to actually get some of the stuff I talk about going.

Well, those Kerns and the Handgunners really should get finished for sure, and I *hope* to progress a bit on the deamonettes.

But then on the other hand, some more goodies for my Irish arrived earlier this week (check back sunday for the Haul Report) and they are needed for the Dux campaign.  I estimate I`ll be playing in that one again in a week or 2 at the earliest, so I have *some* time to do those, but never the less they should be assembled and undercoated at least by next weekend, slotting in between what I have planned.

And those Cultists really need to be started...

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