donderdag 28 september 2017

What I painted in September 2017

I know, there still are two more days to the month, but as I won`t be home for any one of those, I can close up for this month today.

And it has been a productive month, even though I spend a lot of time playing Final Fantasy with the GF.  It helps when you have to queue for 20+ minutes as a DPS to get some painting done in the meantime...

And no less then 99 figures have been painted this month, the majority of them being 28mm Dark Age warriors plastics by Gripping Beast.  I "discovered" the Army Painter washes for these, something that might not be handy for fantasy, but is great for the job the needs to be done on the basic dressed troops from the era.  They don`t sport flashy colourschemes, so I`m doing the plastics that way to "bulk out" my forces, while spending more time on the metal figures in my good old two-tone style.

The Emperor's Children received some reinforcements as well this month, with the characters, a unit and some more specialised troops to be painted up.  I for one really like how the Terminator Lord turned out in the classic EC scheme.

For Age of Sigmar, I have been boosting my Empire force with two fresh units (or better said, expanding of excisting ones) now that it has to go "solo" in points matches come the General`s Handbook 2017.   They can`t ally with the Dark Elves anymore, so they will become two seperate forces now.

Finally, and just a few days ago, I completed some models for my Future War Commander force as well, in the form of 4 stands of figures to represent a Word Bearers detachment within my Chaos force.

For the coming month, a lot more Dark Age models will be painted mostly, in order to further expand on the Dux front and make sure I got more then enough models for every occassion, boosting my Irish while add it.  I also hope to get some more Empire troops done, and begin finishing units for my Age of Sigmar demon heavy Slaanesh force on the go.

We`ll see what we`ll get done!

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