donderdag 14 september 2017

Emperor's Children Rapier Quad Heavy Bolter

When I returned to playing Warhammer 40k earlier this year with the new edition, I noted the "6 always wounds" rule.

Now, remembering that from Warhammer 5th edition, when my Treemen suddenly weren`t unwoundable and breakable anymore by a bunch of gobbos, I realised what era was coming.

The Era of the Guardsman, armed with his flashlight.  because as I like to play myself, quantity is a quality in itself, and even if you have to get 6s, and the opponent is likely to save 4 / 6ths of it, he will be failing rolls.  And if you roll TONS of dice, you`re going to be shot to pieces before your halfway over the table in your flashy power armour.

And I soon witnessed it at the club, the army I fear.  Imperial Guard, 1000 points, consisting of some 70 guardsmen and a couple of tanks.  For 1000 points, your average Space marine or Chaos Space Marine player like myself will have perhaps one not to big vehicle and about 30 models... so it`ll be a shooting massacre.  It isn`t only the Guard, Orks can lay down some big masses as well, and the Tau with their S5 rifles...  So I needed a solution.

And that came in the form of the ForgeWorld Rapier battery.  You can now use their models without any problem in your force, and this little machine, being not even to expensive, has one amazing option as weapon system: the Quad Heavy Bolter.  It`s basically what it says, 4 Heavy Bolters stuck together on a tracked frame, good for a salvo of Heavy 12 with the Bolter stats (albeit with even longer range).  One such gun would cause concern to all those lightly armoured Guardsmen, Fire warriors, Boyz and whotnot's.  When I get a full battery, that would devastate a whole regiment a turn, and with the "split fire rules" you can even threaten multiple ones at a time and gamble on the battleshock to have them run off instead potentially.

Ow, and if you kill the crew, the machine goes ga-ga and starts moving to the enemy in an effort to eat them...

Being machines from the days of the Horus Heresy, I painted them in the purple and gold scheme instead of the flashy pink.  For the crew, I took regular Space Marines, to show their `ancientness` to go with them and fit better in the looks.

The model itself is the resin Kromlech version.  Not only do I think it looks better then the FW one with the raised turret, it was also 15 compared to 40 pounds for a small model...

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