vrijdag 15 september 2017

On the Painting Desk 12

A day sooner then usual, as will the Haul Report be moved forward this week, due to that thing called real life.

With the GF coming back from holidays and a gazillion other things, I`ll be away from my little corner of the internet from tomorrow midday until monday evening, so hence a bit of rescheduling...

... and I`ll be posting my "come back to 40k" BatRep tomorrow, as I`m fielding my Emperor's Children for the first time in ages tonight at TSA.

Now, from all the plans I had last week, some serious ruffling up happened.  This is due to the fact that my Wayland Games order, consisting of a box of Dark Age Warriors from Gripping Beast and a Kromlech Quad Heavy Bolter fell in the mailbox past monday.  And they are already painted, as I needed them ready asap for the Dux Britanniarum campaign, so that`s why you saw all those goodies pass the past days.  Together with two finished Empire units, it`s been a productive week.

But that means, or better, I hope, that my schedule will resume this week, with of course a few additions.

The first thing on the list to do is paint up some more Dark Ages models, in the form of 2 warriors with hand weapons and 6 with spears.  The reasoning can be found in yesterdays Dux post, but normally they should be finished beginning of the week.

The Cultists, with the Cawdor heavy stubber also having arrived earlier, aren`t that big of an issue for the coming days.  I might get at least their basecolours ready, but if I look at my agenda and gaming plans, I estimate they won`t see the field of battle anyways before oktober.

I also did some work on the two characters for my Age of Sigmar Slaanesh (and got do I hate the fragility of FineCast... I doubt I ever gonna field him out of fear of breaking pieces), while the 6mm Word Bearers still stand by silently.

More Empire is in the line as well, and that should bring them to about "1000 points operational" again when finished (add in a warscroll or such probably).  These are an expansion of 10 for the Militia unit, bringing their numbers to 20, as well as the start of a fresh Handgunners unit, this time in the yellow and purple colours of the Ostermark province.

Talking purple, a unit of Chaos Warriors are standing ready to be undercoated during the coming week.

The final thing I am working on, and who will be "priority 2" after the dark age warriors, is to finish this unit of Deamonettes, apart from the basing.  I still need to grab me some more iron plates to go at the bottom in order to be able to transport them more or less safely in magnetfoil boxes.  I really have to remind myself to grab some tonight...

Well, that`s it for this week and what`s currently on my desk.  In resume, the dark age warriors and preferably the deamonettes or the handgunners should get painted in the coming week, so let`s see where that ship will beach...

Ow, and after 12 years, I finally sorted out my "play dice" from a hutchclutch box of dice and counters to a more orderly, ex-Lego, comparted box...

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