woensdag 27 september 2017

FWC 6mm Word Bearers detachment

Part of adding a bit of variation to my 6mm Chaos force for Future War Commander, and the far future plan of getting 4 Legions onto the table in 40k as well, I finished (at last) my Word Bearers group.

Now, fluffwise they rely on the demonic, the degenerate and the cultist to form the fodder of their forces, so I tried to emulate this in the bases.

I went for the core of a commander and a troop of Marines, rounded out with a section of Beastmen, and one of Guardsmen who will serve as cultists. 

Now purely ruleswise, this makes not the least of differences in the rules, as they will have to be played as regular Troops anyways, but it does add some visual variety to the force and can give some nice input for storytelling on top.

Next for FWC, I plan to add some Rhino`s to the Emperor`s Children for fast transportation over the tabletop...

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