woensdag 13 september 2017

Dark Age Spearmen... for Dux Britanniarum

As you might have picked up on this little corner of the internet, TSA has started a fresh Dux campaign, based on the ruleset by Too Fat Lardies.

Now while this is the Dark Ages, it isn`t really my exact period in that era, as I tend to field the Irish of around 800 instead of the campaign, taking place around 450 and sees various Romano British face off to become the Dux Britanniarum.

But I hate to ask people for models to fight, so I will be drawing my forces from my (small) Gripping Beast Irish force for SAGA, and monday a boxed set of plastic warriors arrived as well to boost the ranks.  Now I only need to mail order some cavalry, and I should have enough figures to see me through to the end... which is probably when I`m knocked out lol.

I did model these as such without shield, as they have to "serve" afterwards in my SAGA force, but the Romano British fielded a lot of Levy troops, every player starting with 3 units of 6 each.  As they will become Bonnachts, I took as such the artistic liberty of the fact that they are after all, roughly said peasants with a pointy stick.  So when they go into Shieldwall formation, well, let`s just imagine they have a shield as well then.

But as there is a bloke running in the campaign with a force made of Celtos fantasy models... let`s not turn picky now will we...

The models are also the first real experiment I undertook with Army painter Strong Tone.  The muted colours of the Dark Ages lend themselves well to this, and as I want to paint up all the models I need as swift as this week (about 22 of the 40 in total from the box), I was going to give it a go.  paint everything in a "flat" one colour tone, and then give an extensive wash.  Just some drybrushing on the hair afterwards and they are ready to go, great stuff that is.

For their clothing, I alternated between using one colour for a guy`s tunic, then use the same for the next ones pants, and so on, so the unit shares a 6 colour palette for their clothing as a result.  base and varnish, and they are ready for my bid to power

Next up, some missile troops... which as well will have some liberties taken...

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