maandag 4 september 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

I loved the original Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie being a mix of great fun, sci-fi opera and stunning effects, all supported by an awesome soundtrack.

And the second one, labelled "volume 2" promised to be more of the same, but did it deliver?

Well, yes and no.  Where in the first movie the charisma of Chris Pratt, aka Star-Lord was the big factor, this is being reeled in a bit for the second one, and the mainstage on this is taken by the adorable baby Groot as well as Yondu.

In the second movie, Peter's father turns out to be Ego, the Living Planet.  He is looking for someone to carry on his legacy, and of all the offspring he sired, only Star-Lord can contain the power of a Celestial.  The Guardians don`t really thrust him though, and while he brings Peter more and more under his spell, the other ones, joined by Mantis, Yondu and Nebula in their ranks, go out to find the truth.

When Peter learns himself of his fathers plans, he rejects the offer and sends Ego in a destructive tantrum.  He and the Guardians decide that the only cause of action they can undertake is to kill his father.  Ego has planted seedpods all over the galaxy, and they errupt in violent matter, so the fate of the galaxy once more rests in the seemingly missmatched team of heroes.

And it doesn`t help if they are being chased and thwarted by an ancient civilisation, intent on retrieving some batteries Rocket stole when doing a job for the Sovereignty...

It was another fun blast movie, but just a bit "less" then the first.  This has nothing to do with the movie itself when looking at it objectively, but more with the fact you get to expect even more twists, turns and jokes like the first one delivered.

Never the less, one of the better Marvel movies still from this "wave" in my opinion...

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