maandag 15 januari 2018

An update on the Wayland rant

Well, that went fast...

Yesterday, I uploaded the video in which I kind of went into a rant on the lack of customer service by one of their employees, and just now, they dropped me a letter.

Another customer service employee, a lady named Andrea, send me a DECENT reply this time round, with all the things you would expect.  She has been checking my order, and saw that one part of it hasn`t arrived to them yet (Rokitas bikes to be exact), holding back all of the order.

In order to resolve this, she will be sending my order without them, then have the bikes come afterwards when they get them, free of postage charge ofc.

See, that`s the kind of simple solutions I like.  I don`t need heaps of freebies and apologies and stuff, but I would have been far lass pissed had the first one not taking me for a braindead manatee with silly excuses.

Power of social media?  Perhaps.  But for me, this simple e-mail went a long way to giving them another chance perhaps in the future.

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