vrijdag 12 januari 2018

Reiksguard Knights

This weeks entry has been about expanding my Empire force some more, in the form of a couple Reiksguard Knights (okay, you need to use the Compendium books to field them) for my Age of Sigmar force.

Now, the models are actually all GW, but the "regular" knights are from a true blast of the past: the MB Battlemasters boardgame from the mid 90s.  

This game, which GW made the figures for, contained a heap of infantry and cavalry, and the Imperial looking ones have as such been drafted into my army after getting a heap of them for free from a fellow clubmember.

The Reiksguard are sporting their tradional (aka, rather boring) all metalled up colourscheme, with some reds and whites added for contrast.  Joining them on the field of battle are a Sigmarite Priest, the union champion and a standard bearer.

Pointswise, these are 6 cavalry models of 28mm scale, so that should be 60 points to my journey to reach the target.  I`m now at 234 points, meaning about 1/3th down the road as the first month is nearing it`s end, that`s on schedule... but to close to my liking.

Thanks for looking!

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