zondag 14 januari 2018

Sengoku Musou

The anime series I binged tonight was more in the shonen genre, as Sengoku Musou, or Samurai Warriors, is a series from 2015.

Running for 12 episodes, this is an adaption of the Samurai Warriors 4 video game, one of those mass battle games I tend to play as well.

The story is set near the end of the Samurai era, when the gun is making it`s way to the battlefield.  But none the less, there is till a place for warriors of the more honourable weapons. 
When a conflict arises between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans after the death of the unifier of Japan, Hideyoshi Toyotomi. 

Central in this conflict are the brothers Yukimura and Nobuyuki of the Sanada clan, who both sided with a different faction in the conflict.

The anime is, frankly put, nothing special.  It`s not particularly bad, but neither is it one of greatness.  The animation itself is a bit rudementary for my taste as well, though I must admit it has a great soundtrack for both intro and outro musics.

Oh, and a flying, bomb-throwing, squirrell...

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