maandag 22 januari 2018

The Haul Report 117

Another week gone by, and another stack of goodies added to the heap...

Well, not that it was anything spectacular this week to be honest, more the arrival of a lost child.

But the most important thing was this.  Carnaval is nearing, and in a local store I found pink hairspray for 99 cents. 

Why?  Well, when we have the TSA megabattle, I seem to be the only non Death Guard / Nurgle player amongst the forces of Chaos (*correction* there is one Khornite as well) and not only will my pink phalanx stand out amongst the wave of filfthy green...

My Wayland order (partially) arrived as well at last, with the Rockitas still in back order, but at least I have my sonic weapons and additional rapiers now for my force.  This is starting to finalise my EC force now, and I expect to be "done" with them once I got through the paint stack lying here now.  Unless of course the rumours are true and they will appear end of the year including Fulgrim...

The final order was one to fill out, or more precisely, split my ACW regiments from 40 strong to two squads of 24 each, to cope better with the clubs homemade ACW rules for friday night games.  The cavalry is to make Hancock's complete command group, but before I start painting those, I`ll wait for some flags to arrive.

A decent week in the week, and until the next instalment the coming weekend!

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