vrijdag 5 januari 2018

Noshi's Pick: Bright

Another "Noshi's Pick" as we sat down to watch the Netflix sensation of the end of the year.  And which from now on will be the name of the movies or series she chose that we are going to watch...

A Netflix exclusive movie staring Will Smith, it was already confirmed for a sequel before the first one was aired... so was it worth it?

In an aternate present, humans live together with a heap of fantasy figures like the Orcs (low in society) and Elves (the ruling caste).  Jakoby is the first Orc on the police force, and framed for a shooting incident involving his partner Ward. 
However, when they are send back on the street together, they become unwillingly involved in a conspiracy for a missing magic wand, used by the Brights, a class of wizards that control the world.  While police forces try to frame Jakoby and take him out, the duo becomes entangled with an elven girl, Tikka, in a chase to keep the wand safe from it's evil master.

Let me be straight.  It`s an okay movie for the Will Smith / Joel Edgerton dynamic of two cop partners.  But it is very poorly for the work out of the background (like, what exactly happened 2000 years ago) or the character development of the secondary characters.

But it was what some movies just need to be, a flick that you can watch on your couch without having to either frustrate or think over to much, and just sit back and enjoy the show. 

Though I doubt that in half a year time this movie will still be active in my brain...

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