dinsdag 23 januari 2018

Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation

Based on the shooter game Gunslinger Stratos, this 12 episode anime is the most recent one I benched while working on my AHPC entries.

Now... I wasn`t really wild about it to be honest.

The story revolves around four childhood friends who have become Gunslingers, a sort of temporal agents who are enlisted for operation Stratos.  This is a special operation that has been called into action because two parallel universes are starting to converge and one must be destroyed.  To that end, the team is send back to 2015... and meets with their own alternate selves who are there for exactly the same reason.

While the animation itself is really well done, I found the story a bit to blant to be honest.  Sure, episode three was the strongest of the series, but that means that something that builds up to there, still has a long and declining road afterwards in story quality.  Though the finale was touching, i admit.

Yet, not the best I`ve seen recently by a long shot...

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