dinsdag 9 januari 2018

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt season 2

The most jazzy of all Gundam series is back with this 4 episode mini-series, picking up right where the first one ended.

Be warned kids, this is a very raw and hard series compared to AGE or Tri-Fighters... it`s made for an older audience.

During the final attack of the One Year War, the battle of A Baoa Qu, Io is freed with his comrades from his imprisonment by Zeon.  Eight months later, the Earth federation is still cleaning up straggler formations of the Alliance, including Daryl's force.  Io comes to the rescue of the Spartan in a new Gundam the Atlas, and is soon joined by Bianca (so Gundam has it`s own hawt Suicide Girl now it seems) and her team.

When the South Sea Alliance is planning on breaking off from the Federation, the team is send to hold this in check, but in the meantime Daryl and his team are trying to extract a spy from the Federation side...

While a bit less raw on the Zeon side, as the faction is beaten, this still is a pretty dark and grim series.  Levers betrayals, hope, and a mysterious enemy... the board is set for a third season, and I look forward to it.

But now, more Gundam marathon tonight as I'm tackling Twilight Axis in 5 minutes ;-)

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