woensdag 17 januari 2018

Noshi's Pick: Black Mirror season 1

A short while ago, my girlfriend Noshi came up to me and said "hey, there is this series on Netflix, Black Mirror, I want to watch that" and so yesterday night we snuggled down for the three episode long first season.

And what a rollercoaster that was...

Black Mirror is an anthology of short stories, set in an alternate present or very nearby future.  In these episodes, current day issues of society are expanded to a scope of on the one hand an absurd level, but at the other leaves you with a feeling of "this might actually happen".  I had that for example very, very hard with the first episode, in which through the power of social media the PM is forced to copulate with a pig in order to save a life.

But the other two episodes, one in which a society is dominated by an Idol like show which even results in participants ending in the porn industry, or the other about being able to replay every moment of ones life on screen, are not that far off in concept to modern day society.

It was a great series to look at, and we will definitly be tackling the second season in the not so far future!  Be warned, it is confrontational to us all, as it holds us a mirror.  Albeit a very black one...

Good pick my love!

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