maandag 22 januari 2018

Dawi Zharr Earthshaker Cannon

The second bonus theme, and this time it`s all about big guns.  And if there is one thing I love gaming with, it's... big guns.  or even bigger guns.

For this entry, I took a true classic Games Workshop model of the loveliest race ever created: the Chaos Dwarfs.  I`m just a huge fan of their Babylonian style and their silly big hats.

The Earthshaker was in it's days one of the biggest models in the various ranges, and it was a truly devastating weapon.  Not because of the damage it actually did, but because, well, it caused earthshakes and cut down the speed of the opposing army by half as a result...

The cannon comes with two crew (well, three, but my commander seems awol) carrying what I tended to call the "holy shell of Naggrund", aka the ammunition for the gun itself.

So points wise, sans bonus, this is a 20 point entry consisting of two crew and a served weapon if I am correct...

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