maandag 8 januari 2018

Mounted Dwarven Lord

Well, Bonus round time it seems, with the theme being Flight... roight, so I had to scour my collection for something that actually had wings and could be used for the contest.

And I found something that was in a blisterpack after purchase at Salute... in 2011 (yes Ray, that`s the Pikachu hat year indeed).

A Dwarven Lord on a batwinged Sabretooth tiger, from the range of HOT.  I got a couple of Dark Dwarf cultists from that range as well it seems (I think, they where out of the blister already) who I`ll be painting up for this year of the AHPC as well, just for completeness sake.

You see, 15mm isn`t my "scale" for fantasy, being not much played at the club (or anything else in that scale for that matter), though for next year (yup, I`m already stacking up boxes for version 9...) I`ll be dabbling a lot more in the scale as my Fire and Sword army finally needs painting, as I purchased them weeks after... that game actually launched.

I got no idea for it`s points, wether this beastie falls under mounted character or vehicle tbh, but I estimate 4 points for a mounted model plus any bonus points gained.

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