vrijdag 26 januari 2018

The Pink Phalanx

Well, when it came to be known Ray would be my Minion in this challenge, he said he looked forward to rate my pink paintjobs... so who am I to deny him that pleasure.

In order to indulge him with lots and lots of pink, this weeks entry is a whole expansion for my Emperor's Children force.  And looking at them afterwards, they are actually enough to play a game with these alone for about 750 points or the likes.

Leading this band of excess seeking lunatics is a Lord in power armour, armed with the mandatory plasma pistol and powersword.

To accompany him, a sorcerer in terminator armour joins the fray.  I got no idea where the little naked elf in front of him is from, but she was an excellent representation for the Chaos Familiar stratagem.

Three raptors got painted in between (I mix loyalists and traitors in my force for visual diversity) to boost my unit a little as well.

Cultists are present as well of course, because everyone needs cultists galore to serve as cannon fo... loyal and important frontline shock(ed) troops.  I also used them in a way as a testbed for the Blood Bowl team I`m painting up with all the pastelly and girly colours.  So the Bronnie Brigade will march off in a quest for glory sporting their heavy stubber and flamer to bring the words of pleasure to the unbelievers.

The final part of the entry are the Chosen.  This 10 man squad of champions are the elite forces of a chaos army (though in the current rules, their roles can be better performed by more specialised troops) and a happy mix and match of all sorts of weapon load-outs.  I did some weapon swaps on them to make them fully fieldable in the current game.

Well, that`s the power of the pink for this week, 35 figures for 5 points each, netting me a nice 175 points in total...

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