maandag 15 januari 2018

Code: Realize

Now before you all go thinking "does he actually watch those", the answer is yes.

Keep in mind that this anime, like so many, is 12 - 13 episodes long, at about 22 minutes each.  So binging a full series takes about 4 hours in the end.

And this was a happy discovery.  It was one of those series I just randomly clicked on streaming services as it passed through the oversight page, and sat back and indulge myself.  Based on a PS Vita graphic novel, this anime adaption was released just a few months ago, ending the day before christmas.

Set in Victorian London, the story revolves around Cardia, a girl with poisonous blood.  This curse makes her being called a monster, but one day a magician named Arsene Lupin snatches her away and into his team.  This team is made up of some famous figures of the time, consisting of Impey Barbicane, Abraham Von Helsing, Victor Frankestein and the Count de Saint-Germain. 
Later they are joined by Dracula... a young girl in this incarnation.  Herlock Sholmes and Nemo are in there as well (the first prolly a copywright issue) as they battle a mysterious scientist who wants to let the world burn.

The series, giving a very League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-ish vibe, is drawn beautifully.  The story is good, and the mysteries of how it is all put together well kept until the final episodes, making some twists in the story.

For me the best one I saw so far this year... and that is even after two Gundam series...

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