maandag 8 januari 2018

Frontier season 2

Declan Harp's tale of the Fur Wars continue in his struggle against the HBC and Lord Benton...

But as exciting as the first season was, as we binged it in 1.5 day, so boring was the second unfortunatly and we struggled yesterday to go and see the final 2 episodes.

Now granted, the final 1.5 episodes where better again, mixing action, drama and politics in a well amount, but those before... where just to slow, focussing on the trade politics between Carruthers and Grant on the one side, and the relation between Grace and Chesterfield on the other.
Between these mostly politics, Michael has taken over the day to day operations of the Black Wolf company together with Sokanon.  Declan himself, having barely escaped at the end of season 1 with his life, is hunted by a russian bear, while they plan to rob the HBC of it`s pelts supply in Fort James.

So that makes it all a bit of a shame, but the series picks up pace again towards it's finale, and a third season in in the making.  Let`s hope it`s more like season 1 instead of season 2 though.

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