donderdag 4 januari 2018

Furious 7

Already the 7th instalment in the movie franchise, which granted, no longer is all about cars, this was a sort of farewell movie.

Because of course the unfortunate dead of Paul Walker.

And the way they handled his farewell in the film was very emotional.  Considering the close friendship between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker outside the movie, the finale is a tear jerker that "breaks the 4th dimension".

The movie itself though makes me far less emotional.  This time it`s Jason Statham (add in Kurt Russell, and it seems it`s the Expendables with cars) out for Dominic.  Now, it is important to know that in the chronology of the franchise, this is the very first movie to take place after the third one, Tokyo Drift, explaining a lot about the Han character from the previous instalments.

The team must save a scientist named Ramsey in order to get access to God's Eye, an ultimate track and search device developped by the government.  However, while they succeed in doing this, the device itself is stolen by the bad guys and the team sets out to recover it.

The movie is an action packed blockbuster like 4th movie onwards, in which the actual stars of the first films, the cars, are relagated to an unfortunate supporting role.  But never the less, it`s mindless entertainment good for an evening of sitting back and relax.

For Paul...

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