woensdag 10 januari 2018

Ghostbusters (2016)

A movie that caught a lot of backlash when it was released, this remake / reboot / sequel to the hit movies from the 80s was on the menu yesterdayday night.

Now, I loved the first films, but I decided to give it a chance and look at it with a neutral stance...

Abby and Erin are two friends who both believe in the supernatural, and Erin is approached by a man with the notion that his house is haunted, they hook up with excentric mechanic Jillian.  They witness their first ghostly apparition, and decide to capture a ghost to study and prove to the world they excist.
Later, Patty comes to them saying she saw one in the subway system, and they set out to capturing it, and Patty signing up to the team.  The mayor however tries to support them, but does want to keep the apparitions out of the news to avoid mass panic.  When a janitor called Rowan opens up a leyline breach, ghost spill out and the city has to be saved once again...

While the story follows the original movie, including some cameo's by a large part of the original team (in other roles then who they used to play) including even Zool, it is a rather fresh take on the story.  Improved effects help out on this, but all in all I feel the flak it received being greatly exaggerated.

It`s not the world's best movie, and you have that sense of deja-vu as with most reboots, but it ain`t totally hopeless either.  It`s not a laugh out loud often film though, but it is amusing to watch and will put some sniggers on your face.

Let`s just say it`s an enjoyable evenings watch, without the hilarity or novelty of the first one three decennia ago...

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  1. I quite liked this remake and wondered what all the bad press was about.