vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Agents of SHIELD season 2

What does the investigator for the murder on Twin Peaks Laura Palmer and the commander of the Battlestar Galactica in common?

They both played prominent roles in the second season of Marvel`s 'tie together' series Agents of SHIELD.

Though the season is really split up in two large arcs really, the influence of the recent Age of Ultron is limited compared to the events from the Winter Soldier.  heck, in one episode a powered person has a vision of robots dominating the sky, the next tells how the Avengers overcame the folly of Tony Stark in creating Ultron, and that is it.

The first part of the season see hows Coulson, now in possession of Fury`s Toolbox, tries to rebuild SHIELD from the ashes of the HYDRA takeover.  Putting together a new team around the remnants of his old one, they struggle to overcome the remnants of the evil organisation.

In the meantime, the mystery around Skye deepens as her father (who turns out to be Mr Hyde) shows up looking for her, and while the team manages to dissolve a section of HYDRA, mysterious crystals turn up.  These are the Terrigan Crystals, the source of the Inhumans` power.

As a movie about them is in the pipeline, AoS has already began with adding them to the mythos, and Skye is indeed revealed to be Daisy Johnson, daughter of Mr Hyde and a superhero going by the name of Quake in the comics.

The second part is really all about those empowered people, including even a great episode featuring a Kree and the Lady Syf from Thor, and the manipulations of Skye`s rediscovered mother wanting to instigate a war between humans and Inhumans.  While SHIELD does manage to overcome a shism in their ranks just in time to face this danger, it leaves the season with a lot of still open questions, but also the stepping stone to become a full-fledged superhero series instead of a spy vs spy show.

Is this a good thing?  Time will tell, but I feel that while Marvel is pounding DC down in the cinematic universe, they can`t stand up to DC`s television presence.  Okay, Daredevil was a strong show, but Shield imho can`t stand up to the excellent show of The Flash, and with Legends of Tomorrow coming next year, both universes will have a superhero series facing off with each other.

Which, for a geek like me, can only be a good thing!

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  1. Oddly, the more superhero like it becomes the less I like it.

  2. Agreed, I find it a tat to dark and gritty for a pure superhero show, that should be more flash and bash style imho