maandag 25 mei 2015

Inspirational Lego 19

As the Bank Holdiay is nearing it`s end this monday, I`m here with another bunch of great finds on the internet that I came along during my surfing around.

And even though we have a short week ahead as such, this time it`s another 10 great creations from a variety of sources and builders, and again hopefully a bit for everyone`s taste.

Starting this week, here is a build that I came across on the Guilds of Historica section of Eurobricks, the Streets of Sionnach.  Colourfull houses display nicely the everyday coming and going in a medieval (fantasy) village, and look at all the little details around the place.

Next up, the true icon of pop culture: the Vespa motorcycle, build on an amazing 1:1 scale.

More GoH comes with this sea serpent that rears it`s ugly head out of the water, as brave adventurers rush forward to chase it off.

Talking big serpents, how about this brickbuild edition of Smaug from The Hobbit, sitting on his pile of gold.

Barrenroot Tree is a nice rendition of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale, the house where grandma lived before the wolf came in. 

Warping forward, there is this very awesome Runabout that i came along, mostly known from Star Trek Deep Space Nine fame.

The Exo Suit has been without a doubt one of the top releases of the past year, and a lot of variants have been showing up all around the net.  I particularly liked this M-Tron edition, the colours work well and the background of the miners is one that definitly would use the venerable power loaders.

A simple build this, but that doesn`t mean it has been well thought out.  Using the Chima Eris head, this looks like a nice little birdie to have on display.

Talking nice pieces to have on your mantle at home, how about this buddha statue?

Finally, a build I`m really loving, the Tim Burton styled, minifig scaled Batmobile, whom for me remains the coolest design ever of the caped crusader`s main mode of transportation.

So that is it for this week, another set of great creations, and until next week: brick on!

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