woensdag 20 mei 2015

The Flash season 1 - second half

Okay, I was wrong, Harrison Wells didn`t turn out to be a future Barry Allen, but Eobard Thawne, decendant of Eddy.

But WOW, what a rollercoaster season this has been!

While the first half of the season was a big okay, the second half turned out to be even more fantastic.  This is how I love my superhero shows, not to much layers of flashbacks, but a strong, no-pretence show.

The show taps in truly to it`s source material with the Speed Force, time travels, and the likes, but also features a couple of very strong performances, including for the bad guys.  Mark Hamill picks up his role of the Trickster from the 80s show (including a hilarious `I am your father` tongue-in-cheeck joke), but Wentworth Miller (Prison Brake) is truly fantastic as Captain Cold.

On the `good side` we have gotten the involvement of the Arrow, but also Atom and Firestorm, putting together a large part of the cast already for the new and upcoming Legends of Tomorrow show that will be appearing in 2016.  And builds on this DC universe further.

And the finale... that was just double wow, and a very unexpected way on how the Reverse Flash was beaten.

Is this show worth your time to watch?  For sure, it swipes away SHIELD and Gotham easily on sheer `superhero-ness`.  It cracks open the way to the DC Multiverse, and it delivers on the early building of a team (Justice League *cough*) while the big hitters can duke it out on the big screen in the future.

The CW has done a great job, and I can`t wait to see what season 2 will be having in store!

May the Speed Force be with you!

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