woensdag 6 mei 2015

Building the Bumper Car

This was one polybag I just HAD to have back in january, and it wasn`t simple to get back then, nor cheap.  But look at it, how cool is it!

Now, for those in europe that want to get their hands on it, it will be in the UK`s Daily Mail Lego promotions soon, so expect it to show up at a cheaper price around then on BrickLink, so that is great news.

And my gut feeling tells me it will be the promotional set when Joker`s Funland comes out this summer for some reason...

The polybag contains 47 pieces, which isn`t bad at all for a franchise promo.

Including a pie wielding Joker minifig!

Based on a 4x6 plate, we start out layering the bodywork of the bumper car first.

Build up using the lime green parts, it is an eye catcher due to these ligth colouring.

The underside holds a single set of wheels to make it spin easily on a flat surface.

Front and back bumpers are then added to the underside using a nifty snot technique, as well as to the sides of the car.

The little bumpercar then gets an antenna and a spoiler to reach completion.

Put in the Joker, and your build is all finished.

And you even have a single extra piece with this polybag.

I really like the look of this nifty little set, it has a charming cuteness to it and looks great between other DC sets due to it`s innocence.  I mean, what evil could be radiating from a nice clown with a pie now?

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