zaterdag 16 mei 2015

Lego MOC: Iceship! Iceship!! ICESHIP!!!

Okay, so I don`t know wether to actually call this a `creation`, or a `modification` to be honest, but a while ago I found a building instruction online by Chris McVeigh to build a Benny`s Spaceship in Chibi style.

Now, I first wanted to actually build it `just like that`, but the more I pondered over it, the more I wanted to do something else with it entirely.

Which I then did.  My space `sigfig` still needed finetuning and something cool to be displayed with, and when sorting through my pieces I found out I still had an extra slope with the beloved Ice Planet 2002 logo on it.  It was then that it hit me, I would be building this to suit the theme.

So I went to the process of changing over the colour scheme from Benny`s blue and grey vessel to a more white accented build to come on par with the theme and my sigfig, and needed to slightly alter the pointed tip of the vessel because the Ice slope is one stud shorter then the space logo one Chris used in his instructions.

As an addition to the plans, I also made a display base for the small vessel, to have it easier placed in the cabinets.  For this I went for an icy surface over which the vessel would be flying, while the sigfig scanned the area for their next mining gig.

I`m rather happy with how the ship turned out, and it looks rather nifty amongst the collection :-)

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