dinsdag 12 mei 2015

The Quest for R2

It happens, Reality always comes back to bite you in the ass, and Faith is a cruel mistress...

So once in a while, one needs to make an `educated` decision.

See, the thing is this, I always wanted to have this little Lego set:

Three times the GF has called me from some store here or there saying they have it.  Three times I replied `nah, to expensive love for just a gift, I`ll get it myself someday`  and then there was that day I was going to actually get it.

I was in the Lego store with my nephews, and one of them wanted it as well.  They only had one.  Now people might think I can be cold-hearted, but I let it pass so the 14-year old could get his copy, reasoning that I`d be back in a week or two when they restocked on him and shelf down the back then 130 or so euro he cost.

Enter Faith.  He never came back in, and they discontinued him...

This makes he is going upwards of 200 these days for a closed box.  Which is something I`m still willing to lay down IF I can trade the value together some way or the other.  But I also realise I need to be rather fast on this, because when the episode 7 hype really takes off, so will his price.

I love StarCom, but I `just like` MASK, both vintage toy lines I more or less decided to collect on the sideway.  I have been pondering over this, and while my StarCom collection is at about 60% of everything ever put out by Coleco, my MASK collection is not even close to that.

So yes, if I can find an intrested party, I`m going to trade those few vehicles I have around for the UCS R2-D2... after all, I`m more of a Lego AFOL anyways then just a collector to collect things... and it would save up a LOT of space as well.

Would I ever regret this?  Probably not, as compared to StarCom, which was already rare when it came out, MASK is still rather easily available anyways so if I ever decide to go for those again, they will be not to hard to find online. 

And I expect the vintage wave and Toy Hunter `echo` that bumps the prices skyhigh to die down between now and 5 years anyways... but that is for another opinion piece!

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