zaterdag 30 mei 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6885 Crater Crawler

Hailing from 1988 in what has become known as the `Futuron` theme, comes the classic set we are rebuilding today, the Crater Crawler.

This space truck included one of the black suited astronauts of the second generation, in what in popular lore will evolve into the `bad guys` of Blacktron.

The build starts on a base of two seperate `base elements`, as the truck can swivel in the middle.

After connecting these together as seen above, we continue with the build up of the large bay at the back of the truck, by using large elements and then lying them flat down.

Using an early sort of SNOT, this is then laid down onto the back half of the truck.  In the meantime, we build up the railings of the front part as well.

The clear blue parts are then added to the top, but unfortunatly on one of them age has taken it`s toll and it got warped somehow.

In this bay is a small drone located, a quick build really, but with a cool printed plate at it`s front.

This little drone controls a small flyer like vessel, for investigating the depths of craters and such.

Placing it into the bay, the small set is now completed. 

I`m personally not to wild about the whole thing, it has a nice minifig and a cool printed 1x2 tile, but that is about it what this set did for me.  Though 25 odd years ago, I`m sure I played with it in my back then spacefleet :-)

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