dinsdag 26 mei 2015

Lego Classic Build 6956: M-Tron Stellar Recon Voyager

I admit, I`m a sucker for the `industrial` Neo Space subthemes, being M-Tron, Ice Planet 2002 and, in a lesser extent, Spyrius.

There is just something about those vessels and color schemes I keep going back to, and even though it are only the actual spaceships that intrest me, I`m tackling the largest ship of the M-Tron range today.

Okay, `large`... released in 1990 and counting 221 parts, it`s not that big of a set to current day standards at all, but 3 decennia ago she was the biggest of the magnet equipped miner range, only outdone by a base and a wheeled vehicle.

The set comes with two M-Tron spaceminer minifigs in their strong red black white livery.

The first thing we are building in the small car that will be housed (or rather, attached) in the nose of the vessel for survey scouting.

This vessel comes with one of the magnet elements, which will allow it to connect to the frontside of the vessel.

It`s a rather simplistic little piece of equipement, generally being a slope and the magnet on a plate with wheels.

The second subitem for the vessel is the tools container, which will be stored in the back of the ship by means of a crane.  I really like the printed pieces on this one.

But then we can start building the ship itself, starting out by laying down a `skeleton` grid upon which we will expand the bodywork.

Plates are then used to cover the whole bottom.

The landing gear consists of black engines to support the vessel on the ground, like Ice Planet usually did with white ones.

The magnet for the car is placed in the front, as the outlines of the cockpit and the support for the bulky backside are put together.

Trans parts then make up the canopy and some detailing.  This is one of the strong points of the range, as the yellowish greenish transparant parts really contrast well with the red and black, making it stand out strongly.  On the sides, two small containers, again with magnets and printed front pieces, are added.

The wing assembly is then added to the top of the loading bay to give the vessel is wideness.

The crane can go extract and retract in the backside, storing the container we build at the beginning in between the wings.

And here we have the vessel in all it`s completed and deployed glory:

As well as in `al aboard` modus:

Another great looking vessel for the collection, this vessel really shines out with the transparent parts, though she does have `a fat butt`. 

But in all honesty, this isn`t my favorite of the M-Tron line, but that will be a build for another time!

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