zaterdag 23 mei 2015

Intresting find: Collector`s Den

In today`s post, let me point you towards a jolly website I found a few months ago on the internet.

Collector`s Den is a UK based website for collectors, and run by a collector, and is a place where you can freely show off your collections to the world.

And it doesn`t have to be toys alone.  You can upload and brag about all the things you like on it, ranging from coins to books or whotnot`s.

It is also supported by a kind Twitter community following, and I have recently been using it to show off mostly my MASK and Starcom toys on there, but I have sworn to myself that one day I`ll be uploading my Lego sets on it as well.

They also had a raffle running the past months, in which anyone who uploaded at least 5 items to the site could win a set of The Hobbit action figure packs.

Now, in a twisted way of faith, I actually won this raffle, and soon a box containing the packs (three mints, two slightly loosened) of figures arrived at my doorstep, containing a mix of both the larger figures and the slightly smaller duo-packs.  I especially like the Warg Rider and the smaller scale Bilbo and Gollum set personally.

A great price, many thanks mateys!

So if you want to share your collection with them, hop over to their website and start uploading those goodies, and get in touch with the community on Twitter under @collectorsdenuk

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