donderdag 7 mei 2015

Friends Character Encyclopedia

Called `Het Grote Vriendinnenboek` in dutch, this is my latest addition to the Legobrary.

Yes, I like Friends. Not as a theme to build in, but for the use of the hairpieces for regular minifigs, for the animals and for the easy source of light pastel greens and blues.

Like all character encyclopedia books, it has a nice lay out, clear pictures, and some background information, in this case about the minidoll characters, the animals and the sets.

The book also comes with an exclusive figure as is usual, in this particular case we get Naya with a shopping bag and a smartphone imprinted 1x2 tile.  The hair is definitly suitable for a princess figure somewhere, as will the basket be :-)

But the one thing I always love about these sorts of books, are the pictured checklists at the back of the figures, making it easier to look for them to order seperatly...

While for me personally not as entrancing as the superhero books, it is never the less a nice little addition to the collection, and it has it`s uses for a `fantasy AFOL` as a reference guide.  Just a shame they never did a `Tolkien` one...

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