zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Lego Classic Build: 4720 Knockturn Alley

Another one of the BrickMania Wetteren Harry Potter finds for the Smurf, I had to check this `used complete` set so of course I took the opportunity to take some pictures along the way.

While I`m not *yet* building in the Harry Potter theme myself for the moment, this is something that will be changing in the not so far future, and to that end this set has one piece I`ll be ordering a lot of in the future, the window element.

The set, from the early waves of still `yellow skinned` minifigures, contains both Harry Potter as well as Lucius Malfidus.

We start the build by making the chimney piece of the set up.  Based on a 6x6 plate, it contains some very intresting colours of elements... and already making me realise my next big convention project won`t be cheap ;-)

As we build up the chimney matle, you can clearly start to see the slide through which Harry gets into the store.

The hatch is then included to allow access to the actual slide down, and we continue adding height to the chimney.

The slated roofstyle is then added and the chimney is completed, allowing us to go on to the actual store.

This is placed on two plates in a hinged angle.

The right side of the store contains potions and gimmicks as tables and benches to display the items on are added.  I like the jarred brain tbh.

One of the tables can actually flip up, revealing a menacing face. 

This is then placed behind said window piece from my introduction.

The printed pieces are really nice, like this cashiers till.

The cashier spot is what makes the build of the left side of the small store.

Pillars are added there, with owl statues to add some nice atmosphere decorations.

The next thing we got to build is the angled roof parts.  These are then added above the entrance with some torches.

Putting in some final details, this small set stands completed.

It`s a rather simple build compared to later Harry Potter range houses, but never the less a good value set with the excellent printed pieces and the good selection of colours in the bricks.

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