dinsdag 26 mei 2015

Today`s Haul at the Auctioneer

Another great calling day, as I managed to take along a few boxes of goodies for no money at all.

I really love this place, the audience is barely `toy minded` allowing me to snatch along whole boxes of stuff every fortnight for a few euro, giving me good material to trade around for my own collection of Lego.

The first `win` this week was this ancient Faller slotcar track, whom i am going to clean up, test and then trade in trackpieces, for 3.60 including the 20% auctioneer commission.  I`m hoping on a return in value of around 20 euro in bricks on this.

The second lot, which I snagged for 7.20 including commission, comprimised of 3 boxes.  The one with the large dolls are all going to a mate of mine`s grandma, who`s hobby is knitting doll clothes and redressing them, so she can just have all of them.

The second one was one I aimed for, willing to go to 10 for that box alone, but they didn`t split it up so I even made a better deal actually.  It contained apart from a lot of junk toys and cars which I put aside for my sister in laws boys, a couple of Masters of the Universe, Marvel and Action Man figures.

The third box that I got with this set was a heap of Mattel Shelly dolls, 10 in total in a great condition and some furniture pieces.  Not only are they from the 1994 series... but also from the 1976 series!!!!

This lot I hope should yield me a value of around 50 in bricks, so for spending 10.50 euro in total, this gives me some great barganing chips!

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