zaterdag 9 mei 2015

StarCom Shadow Vampire

The latest toy in my collection to get completed (I needed to eBay for a captain Mace and for a purple visor), the Shadow Force has gotten reinforcements in my cabinets with a Shadow Vampire.

A smaller vessel, that was seen in the cartoon in one of the earlier episodes, it odes not have any `power deploy` action, but instead has a cool wind up feature.

You see, when you wind it all up, and then hold down the `trigger` at the bottom of the model, the two large guns next to the cockpit move in a firing action.  The wing engines are then also folded backwards to change the model from VTOL landed state to flight modus.

A nice little ship, though not by far a favorite in the collection, I still needed it of course for completionist sake ;-)

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