dinsdag 5 mei 2015

Lego Classic Build: 6017 King`s Oarsmen

Today`s build of times long gone by handles about one of the old Castle sets, the King`s Oarsmen ship set that came out in 1987.

I always have been rather fond of the small boat, because back then, it was one of the smaller things resembling an actual viking like ship, long before the Vikings theme hit the stores.

The set, numbering about 36 parts and two minifigures, would these days be one of the 15 euro range like sets, but back then, these where actually `lower midlevel` size sets.  Remember that the big ones back then barely numbered 500 elements, so they would be mid-class these days...

The ship comes with two minifigures, both of the Lion faction.

The base of the ship is on a 2 by 6 plate, which is then raised up using `cockpit` pieces.

The mast is held in place by a cone in the center.

Next we border the whole bodywork using white plates and wedges to contrast the colours.

Black elements are then used to create the `heads` front and back of the ship, and a lance with small white flags forms the sails.

Adding some details and a banner, and the boat itself is all done.

The completed build:

A simple build, yet I keep loving it even if it shows it`s age compared to current day sets, the Oarsmen boat is a real blast to the past.  Simple yet elegant, many a river will be tamed by these brave soldiers ;-)

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