maandag 25 mei 2015

Meimarkt Lego Haul

Yesterday, the Smurf went to play in the Tilburg G-Soccer tournament (The Netherlands), a yearly event for these children and adults to do what they love to do best, playing soccer while having a great time.

It was an awesome event, with artists performing acts during the intervals when the organisers put together the new groups for the next round for the 40 teams participating, including Michael Huble (the for me now legendary `Michael Bubble from the Aldi`), a meet and great with ex-Feyenoord, Oranje and Wolverhampton Wanderers player John De Wolf.

But in the early hours of the day, I left the event to first go for a short (to short) walk over the `Meimarkt`, a HUGE (6 squares, 14 streets) fleamarket that had a LOT of toys.

Let me loose there for a day an I would be hauling a truck of great stuff back for no money at all.

Nevertheless, I did manage to find some very nice finds for next to no money... and that is while I only have been looking for Lego, as I didn`t want to spend my limited time digging through box after box at the 750+ stalls for perhaps that one vintage treasure.

My first find is this Lego game (which I already have), Ramses Pyramid, which I took along for the nice amount of tan bricks and plate, paying 5 euro for it.

A second game was added to the loot heap a few stalls further on, with the Minotaurus game.  Another great find giving me more baseplate and green bricks, and knocked me back 3 euro.

The final find was this not complete, but so cheap I couldn`t let it be left behind, Bionicle figure for... 50 cents.

So that`s a nice lot of Lego added for a measly 8.50 euro total.

The Smurf got to play soccer all day, I got Lego and the GF is happy that both her kids are happy... so a great day it was indeed!

And the results of the event?  That isn`t important at all, the set-up of G-sports is that EVERYONE can have a good day!

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