maandag 18 mei 2015

Inspirational Lego 18

Another monday, another round of gorgeous eye candy as I present 10 awesome builds I came along this week as I strolled the internet.

And by god, there are some big things amongst them this time...

We all love Game of Thrones, for it`s War of the Roses feel, it`s harsh world and layer upon layer of intrigues (though I`m not THAT fond actually on how the series is veering away from the books right now).  One of the great constructions in the series is the `Titan of Braavos` who guards the harbour entrance of said city, and now he has appeared in a Lego version as well.

When we link the War of the Roses to Game of Thrones, the classic of books, The Bible, is often linked to the classic of all fantasy works, The Lord of the Rings.  And from that setting comes this great looking Argonath statues.  As you can see by the small minifigure crewed rowboats, this is a big build!

But not everything has to be so humongous, take a look for example at this cute chibi styled (and transformable!) Wing Gundam.

Or going even smaller, how about this micro build landscape?

Talking transformable Lego, there is a whole subtheme out there of builders recreating actual Autobots and Decepticons that can change into their altmode (take the hint, Kre-O!), and the latest of these I came along is Wheelie.  No matter how irritating the character was in the movies, comics and cartoons (okay, so he was consistant), this is a rather nigty design.

Talking nifty desings, on Lego Ideas there is a whole range of Monkey Island builds.  Of course I`m a supporter, I loved the humorous videogames and the builds reflect the style of the series superbly.

Also nifty is this alternate build from the Creator set 4955.  Using only pieces found in that set, the creator has made Fred Flintstone`s car!

More TV classics emerge as we get to look at this nice little Eagle from Space: 1999.  One of the iconic sci-fi ships of the late 70s, this is a true classic reproduced in Lego.

But talking classics, how about this beauty.  From a day F1 drivers where adventurers and heroes instead of helmetted monkey`s driving pre-programmed machines, hails one of the prettiest cars ever, the John Player Special Lotus, this car the one piloted by Emerson Fittipaldi.

Wow, that certainly was a nice load this week, time to sit back, eat some sushi and have a look around for what I will be presenting next week!

Take care and brick on!

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