donderdag 28 mei 2015

Building the Nova Corps

In today`s build, I`m tackling one of the Guardians of the Galaxy sets I picked up at the end of january this year. 

Together with the Knowhere set which I did already back in february and the Milano who is coming up one of these weeks, set 76019, Starblaster Showdown, was one of the 3 sets in the movie tied sets (okay, 5 if you count the SDCC set and the Rocket polybag).

The smallest of the wave, it contains 182 pieces divided over 2 polybags, a booklet and a stickersheet, which will build us a Kree vessel, a Nova corps vessel and give us a Star-Lord in his pre-ravager outfit.

The first bag already gives us the Nova Corp policeman.  This is not the superhero Nova (who btw can ge found in the Daily Buggle set, but he wasn`t in the movie) but one of the galactic law enforcers that the movie is filled with.  I especially like the helmet on the figure.

The bag also contains the main vessel of the set, one of the Nova Corps small vessels that we see form the net to hold back Ronan in the movie, and we start this build with a blue canopy underpiece as the basis.

Controls are added as the sides are build up.

On the underside, two flick missile launchers are added to give the vessel some firepower.

The engine part also doubles as the `crown` to which the wings are all added.

Alternating large and small wing fans are then added to the backside of the vessel, as said being connected to the engine piece.

If you want it displayed `as it is` from the box, you will be needing to fold up the underside wingfins, but in open position it is swooshable ;-)

The second bag, which will provide the parts for the Kree fighter, also contains a Kree pilot as well as Star-Lord.  I love the minifigure of our hero, as he uses a helmet with hair sculpt, and one where you can put the loose hairpiece element on.

The organic ore looking vessel of the Kree is based on dark grey plate with a small boat hull piece as the central part to build upon.

Using a rock piece for the backside, we then bulk out the bodywork of the vessel.

Fins and the canopy are added, and the little fighter plane is completed.

The set:

The traditional add on pieces:

Now, I LOVE the Nova Corps fighter plane and the `good guy` minifigures, but I`m not all that impressed with the Kree fighter plane.  It surely is difficult to recreate it`s organic look in Lego, granted, but still I`m not to wild about the design and the overal look of the little vessel.  There is one of those as well in the Milano, but the good guy ships, actually just as in the movies, stand out far better with their elegant lines and sleek colourscheme.

Nevertheless, a good set from a fantastic (unexpected) blockbuster movie from Marvel, better than the Knowhere set for sure.

Tune in back next thursday for a fresh report of a boxed set build, where I`ll ba taking on the Scarlet Speedster!

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