woensdag 13 mei 2015

Lego Classic Build: 6054 Forestmen`s Hideout

I`m currently helping a friend of mine, Vincent, out with parting from his old Lego, and one of the things that need to be done is rebuilding all the stuff to see where some pieces might be missing.

This brought me alongst this old childhood favorite of mine, the Forestman Hideout, or as we used to call it 20 odd years ago `that treehouse of Robin Hood`.

Released in 1988, I always loved the look and the playability of this particular set.  The tree house swings open, there where those vineropes to dangle the figs from... they where a nice alternative to the Lions and Falcons of the day.

It comes with two Forestmen minifigures, one wielding a bow and quiver.

As it can split open, the build is started from a set of two plates, connected by a hinge piece.

The stump itself is black (brown bricks didn`t exist back then) and we slowly build it up from the bottom.

The platform is then added for the small hut like structure, while the other side is heightened more with the use of black wall pieces.

As we continue building the structure, branches are added to the other side.

Leaves then cover the top of the tree, to give it a more blending in with the forest look.

Finally, a slated roof and those gorgeous Forestman shields are added...

... and the set stands completed.

By today`s standards, this wouldn`t be a big set at all, but one thing we should remember is what used to be a `big` set of 500 or so pieces back then, is at most an upper middle class sized set nowadays.  But it is so full of memories, so good looking... and I have a lot more of those builds coming in the next weeks as his collection is well, from `my` days and I get to play briefly with most of them before we try to move them to new homes ;-)

The joy of lending someone a hand is often rewarding in itself.

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