woensdag 20 mei 2015

Discovery of the Day: RetroLayer

It all started with the book I`m currently reading, House Corrino, from the prequel series to the classic movie Dune.

I then drifted back to the days as a 14 year old or there abouts, when I had the RTS game on my computer... and did a fun google for it.  In first instance, to find pictures of the units and see if they are moc`cable.

I stumbled upon the RetroLayer site, which offers 1100+ old classic videogames, mostly from the DOS era, in ZIP files.

I looked through all of them, and as you can freely download them there, selected no less then 44 classics.  Some of them are even smaller then a third of a digital picture these days (345 KB vs 1.1 MB)...

But it should give me some nice game experiences or at least fond youth memories as I`ll be going through them again ;-)

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