zondag 10 mei 2015

This weekend`s haul

Not a bad weekend if I say so myself, as I got some very nice pieces scored.

It all started past friday, when I went to my local Kringloop store.  Here I managed to find a box of loose Lego for 6.50 euro.

As well as an almost complete, 1979, Playmobil set.  I`m still in doubt on that one wether I`m going to complete it, or instead am going to trade around the loose parts for additional Lego bricks, but it is definitly a good piece either way.

In the meantime, Archonia had delivered my parcel with my selection for Free Comic Book Day.  Contrary to some (check eBay already, disgusting!), I actually chose comics of stuff that intrests me and for reading them myself.  The Doctor Who for example has already been passed down to my nephew...

Finally, there was a garage sale today in the neighbourhood, and though there weren`t that many participants, I managed to get three Sideshow Collectibles horror busts, a mailman from the old Ghostbusters line, and a tin box of limited edition gold Gogo`s for a nickle and a dime.

Definitly worth looking around with as a good trading token for either Lego or StarCom!

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