woensdag 20 mei 2015

Bricks of the Mouse Guard

My Kickstarter arrived earlier this week, and what a gorgeous set of pieces this is.

Created by Crazy Bricks, of the well known AFOL Guy Himber, comes this series of accessories to customise your figures into the heroic Mouse Guard.

This series of children books details the adventures of a fellowship of brave, medieval setting, mice and are a highly enjoyable read even for adults, not to mention the gorgeous design of the little heroes.

I pledged for the set of all 6 heads, and a pearl gold set of utensils and weapons (like flagons1), as well as the collector edition crate and Duplo brick.  Add to that a printed Crazy Bricks piece that went onto my AFOL badge, and a stovehat sampler, and I`m one happy camper!

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