woensdag 27 mei 2015

Dune: House Corrino review

Compassion and revenge are two sides of the same coin.
Necessity dictates which way that coin falls.
(Duke Paulus Artreides)

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson brings us the magnificent final chapter in the unforgettable saga of the events leading up to Frank Herbert`s immortal Dune...

In this final volume, events are focussed mainly around the Emperor Shaddam IV, who is trying to create an artificial spice with the help of the Tleilaxu.  Should he succeed, he becomes the most powerful man ever to have graced the galaxy as he will have control over the full universe like an iron vice.

But the so-called amal holds flaws and the emperor is trying to cover this up and look the other way, even when two Heighliner accidents occur.

On the other side, Leto Atreides has taken the steps to ensure justice.  He has decided to help his longtime friend Rhombur Vernius to retake his homeplanet of Ix and reinstall their noble reign there.  And his concubine Jessica is going to have their baby during this political crisis times.

In the meantime on Arakkis, the Fremen are setting events in motion to free the world from Harkonnen`s tyranny...

A very capturing book, whom as trade paperback numbers a `modest` 670 pages (about double of the normal little pocket sized novels), the tale chronicles the events taking place the final year before the Dune story takes place, and setting the pieces on the checkerboard for what will be happening there.

Definitly a trilogy that is recommanded reading if you like the universe Herbert created for us, as it grants a lot of insight in the motivations of some characters even more then the book and novel did from the original!

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