dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Lego MOC: Ba-na-na-na-na-naaaa

This is a special MOC I made especially for the Antwerp Convention a few weeks ago.  I had the Batzarro figure, and wanted to take it along, and so I needed to concoct something.

Okay, so that sounded like it was all planned, but now time for the truth...

You see, the evening before I was updating the Playstation and installing Injustice... and that would be taking almost an hour.

So I was playing a bit with the Batzarro figure, then decided to make the little vignette.  It is based on the classical Batman where the comics had a cover of Bats and the Boy Wonder running down a street towards adventure.

So I wanted to recreate that scene, but exchange Robin for Batzarro, who face it, on the BluRay plays a small role.  Now, I had given Bats a batarang, so I needed something for Batzarro as well, and for some reason I picked a banana.  Just because it looked odd.

Now strangely enough, it actually attracted quite a few viewers and smiles on the actual convention, and I couldn`t imagine why, this was a quick 30 minute project.  And then I heard a young kid actually mumble the title of this vignette... something in all honesty I hadn`t thought about!

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