maandag 11 mei 2015

Inspirational Lego 16

Another monday, and again here we are with some very inspirational builds I`ve seen passing by on the internet the past weeks.

This week, I`m not going for a certain theme, but for a couple of just that, great, inspiring buildsbig and small.

Starting off, we have this excellent french styled 2CV on road rage through the small streets.  The poor kitty just gotten away just in time...

This karaoke party is just fantastic, and he must have been feeling a LOT of polybags for that amount of Chicken Suit Guys.

We all know the famous meme where Batman slaps Robin for some comment, well, it has been recreated in Lego.

Doom is one of those all time classic videogames, and this build is just epic.  Ah, gamer childhood memories...

This is also an awesome build, how it uses a LOT of the Trans-Orange parts (most known from the Ice Planet 2002 series) and recreated into an awesome bio-dome styled house.

This scene is from the first Hobbit movie, when the Trolls had captured the company and wanted to put them into a stew.

This buddhist build is really gorgeous, I would definitly put something like that on my cupboard.

Spider-Man 2 was without doubt the best of the original Maguire trilogy, and the fight with Doc Ock was just sheer visual awesomeness.

Well, those are my picks for this week, I hope you all agree that they are, well, AWESOME!

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